Roanoke County Taxes

In Virginia, cities are independent from the surrounding counties and are, therefore, separate taxing entities. A business or individual pays taxes only to the city or county, not both. Residents of incorporated towns may pay taxes to both the county and town if both provide services.

Real Estate Tax Rates

Type of RateRate
Nominal Tax Rate$1.06 (per $100 assessed value)
Assessment Ratio94%
Effective Tax Rate$1.00

Machinery & Tools Tax Rates

Type of RateRate
Nominal Tax Rate$2.80 per $100 assessed value
Value used for TaxesOriginal total capitalized cost
Assessment Ratio: Years 1 through 525%
Assessment Ratio: Years 6 through 1020%
Assessment Ratio: Years 11 and Up15%

Business License Tax Rates (BPOL)

Business Type
Tax Rate per $100 of Gross Receipts
Wholesalers & Distributors
0.05 per $100 of gross purchases
Professional, Financial & Real Estate services
Business services

For more information concerning business and occupational licenses go to the Roanoke County Code and see Chapter 10 - LICENSES.

Prepared Food & Beverage Tax Rate

The Prepared Food and Beverage Tax Rate is 4% of the total cost of prepared food and beverage.

Transient (Lodging) Tax Rate

A transient occupancy tax is imposed on hotels and travel campgrounds equivalent to 7% of the total amount of charge for occupancy of any room or space provided.

Tangible Business Personal Property Rates

Type of RateRate
Nominal Rate$3.40 per $100 assessed value
Assessment Ratio60% (reduced by 10% per year thereafter; minimum 20% or $100)

Personal Property Rates (Vehicles) 

Type of RateRate
Nominal Rate$3.40 per $100 assessed value
Value Used for TaxesLoan Value (NADA)
Assessment Ratio100%


Vehicle License Fee

The Vehicle License Fee is $20 to $25, depending on the weight and kind of vehicle.

Utility Tax Rates

UtilityTax Rate
Electric$0.90 + $0.00640 per kilowatt hour ($600 max)
Gas$0.90 + $0.12183 per centum cubic foot (CCF) ($600 max)
Water12% on first $5,000

Virginia Taxes

Corporate Income Tax

The Virginia Corporate Income Tax Rate is 6% of corporation's Virginia taxable income.

Retail Sales Tax

The Virginia Retail Sales Tax Rate is 5.3% on non-food items (4.3% state and 1% local tax) (July 1, 2013).

Sales Tax Exemptions 

  • Certified pollution control equipment and facilities
  • Custom computer software
  • Items purchased for resale by distributors
  • Items used in research and development
  • Manufacturer's purchases used directly in production, including machinery, tools, spare parts, raw materials and industrial fuels
  • Services (legal, accounting, advertising, consulting)

Unemployment Tax

Newly covered employers are taxed at 2.5% on a taxable wage base of $8,000.

Items Not Taxed

Virginia does not tax:

  • Intangible property (financial assets, trademarks, patents)
  • Manufacturer's furniture, fixtures or corporate aircraft
  • Manufacturer's inventory
  • Property at the state level (Virginia localities also do not have separate school district taxes)