Business Advantages

Roanoke County offers numerous advantages to businesses, including a central and convenient location, low cost of living, high quality of life, low business taxes, and a skilled workforce.

Incentives and Financing

Roanoke County offers an expedited permit review process, a variety of financing options, as well as local and state incentive packages.

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Investment and Redevelopment Opportunities

The County has identified investment and redevelopment opportunities for businesses and developers of industrial, retail, and residential projects and is poised to assist

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Site Selection

Our Site Selector application helps business owners and corporations search for and locate available buildings and sites, and combine their property search with key community and business demographic information. Access to this information facilitates better business decisions and helps to ensure that investments in the area are sustainable and align with their corporate vision.

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Talent Solutions    

With 25 higher education institutions within close proximity, a fantastic quality of life, and numerous local, state, and federal workforce programs at your fingertips Roanoke County is sure to be able to effectively assist in finding talent for your business.

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Located on interstate 81, with rail, an airport, and port of entry businesses needing to get products to market quickly and in a cost-efficient manner will find Roanoke County to be ideally located.

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