Water & Sewer

Western Virginia Water Authority

On July 1, 2004, the water and wastewater operations of Roanoke County and the City of Roanoke consolidated to become the Western Virginia Water Authority. In November 2009, Franklin County joined the Water Authority, offering a larger regional approach to meeting our communities’ water and wastewater needs.This new entity provides water service to 155,000 citizens and wastewater service to more than 120,000 citizens in Roanoke County and the City of Roanoke, as well as customers in Franklin County, the Town of Vinton, the City of Salem and Botetourt County.

Water Line Project

The Counties of Franklin and Roanoke and the Western Virginia Water Authority broke ground June 11, 2008 on a joint water line project in the U.S. Route 220 corridor. The new 12-inch water line provides a regional service that enhances the quality of life for customers as well as the regional community.

This project was an excellent example of how working together can benefit a region. As a result of this partnership, residents and businesses along the U.S. Route 220 corridor have access to the same high quality of public water and fire protection that other residents in the Western Virginia Water Authority’s service area enjoy. The economic development potential of the land in this transportation corridor will also be optimized. The Western Virginia Water Authority designed, managed construction and will maintain the new waterline.

Debt service on the bonds issued by the Western Virginia Water Authority for this project will be repaid by Franklin and Roanoke counties. These costs will be recouped from availability fees paid for by developers. This project involved extending the water line approximately 65,000 feet from the Clearbrook area of Roanoke County south to the Wirtz Plateau area in Franklin County. The construction was completed in multiple phases taking approximately 24 months.


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